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Lift '002'

Manifest for Lift '002'
Call / Start boarding:

No of Jumpers: 8
Groups: 3
Aircraft: G-JSAT (Islander)
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Last name / Team First name Height Work
AFF (demo) Instructor 1 4,000 m AFF (AI)
AFF (demo) Instructor 2 4,000 m AFF (AI)
AFF (demo) Student 4,000 m AFF (S)
Video (demo) Flyer 4,000 m AFF (Cam)
Tandem (demo) Master 4,000 m Tandem (TI)
Tandem Student 4,000 m Tandem (TS)
Horne John 4,000 m Wingsuit
Moster Michael 4,000 m Wingsuit
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