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DZ-Manager (DzM)

DZ-Manager TM Online-Tools is the web application of your favorite drop zone.

Here you can and much more.

This page can be customized by the drop zone running DZ-Manager Online-Tools. This hasn´t been done yet.

If you are a customer and you want to contact the drop zone, please use the links at the bottom of the page to write an eMail or open the homepage of the drop zone on the internet.

If you want to contact the creator of DZ-ManagerTM you can find contact information here.

This dropzone uses, just like many other drop zones,
DZ-Manager - the sexy manifesting software.

No matter whether it concerns small clubs or big commercial drop zones, DZ-Manager offers the optimal solution to manage drop zones of any size.

DZ-Manager even exists as cost-free version for small dropzones as individual solution.

In case you know a drop zone that could benefit from DZ-Manager, we would highly appreciate if you acquainted us with each other.

Send us your proposal to and you will receive a community-beer as thank you for your support.

More information about our software are available on:

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